Main Features Of Marketing Automation

Automating the tasks and marketing strategies in a single system can have many benefits for your company, especially if the company is large and carry complex marketing campaigns. In this article, we highlight the seven main characteristics of Marketing Automation that you must take into account when choosing your supplier.

Main Characteristics Of Marketing Automation

  1. Marketing Tools

In the Marketing Automation systems, there are essential tools that we have to take into account when choosing the system to carry out the strategies and marketing tasks of our company. Tools like: email marketing, landings, forms, tests are some of the most relevant.

  1. Leads Management

Also known as lead management is a management tool that allows marketing or sales actions to be focused on leads that want to be impacted by these actions. Functions such as segmentation, information enrichment, database, lead scoring are some of the features that allow the sales force to be more efficient and marketing efforts to be more precise.

  1. Marketing Programs / Generation Of Leads

Not all automation systems allow for extensive marketing programs or even generate leads. For this reason, it is essential to analyze thoroughly what are the marketing needs of our company to be able to choose the system that best suits what you are looking for.

The cloning of emails, landing pages, lists, campaigns, are some of the most used functions since they allow a significant saving of both economic and time resources. Import and export of pre-built programs and exchange with other users, as well as program management and event marketing,  are functions that facilitate the handling of complex campaigns and allow the generation of leads.

  1. Social Marketing

With the boom in the use of social networks by users, automation providers have added social operations to the system. The functionalities that it allows our social profiles, social commitment, and promotion, social analytics, listening and tacking, social participation and campaigns, campaigns in social networks.

  1. Analytics

Nowadays, measuring the results and profitability of each marketing action, we carry out is very important. That is why this feature of marketing automation software is the most striking. Some functions that can be seen are multi-touch income attribution, an ROI program, income cycle metrics, web analytics, SEO analysis, and necessary reports.

  1. Administration of resources

Having a good automation system helps you optimize resources and also have the ability to control everything in the same tool. To all this is added budget management and scheduling.

  1. Infrastructure

Functions and user permissions, workspaces, isolated test environment, API integrations, ecosystem, are functionalities that allow companies with more complex needs, to carry much more automated management.

So if you want to increase keywords rankings on general keywords or a local keyword such as SEO Melbourne, using marketing automation strategies would be effective.