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PRO-SET Special Order Epoxies are designed for very specific applications or manufacturing processes. Each of them has been formulated to meet the demands of a specific customer when the volume warrants. Even though developed for a well-defined application, as the composite industry grows and changes, new uses are often found for these Special Order formulations.

The resins and hardeners in the Special Order group are identified by a four-digit number preceded by the letter M. All resin numbers begin with the number 1 and the hardeners begin with the number 2. Combinations are described by the resin and hardener numbers separated by a dash (M1000-M2000). A few formulations begin with the letter “X” for “Experimental.”

Please allow longer lead times when ordering Special Order formulations


Very long open time cure systems and toughened systems are included in this group of products.

Laminating Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1002-M2043 Toughened Laminating Fast
 M1002-M2044 Toughened Laminating Medium
 M1002-M2046 Toughened Laminating Slow



View Expanding Epoxy Foam demonstration video

Expanding Epoxy Foam — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1034-M2037  Expanding Foam  Fast


Developed for coating and fiberglass cloth application where an exceptionally clear finish is desired. Thin film applications roll out and tip off smoothly, requiring less sanding in preparation for finish coatings. Cures water clear.

Clear Coating Epoxy — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1038-M2018 150°Tg Clear Laminating Slow



PRO-SET fire retardant epoxy resins are paired with previous-generation PRO-SET M2043, M2044, and M2046 Hardeners to control cure speed rather than the LAM or INF hardeners in our New Standard PRO-SET product line. These hardener formulations are still available to order.

PRO-SET XR28A Resin is a low-viscosity, fire retardant resin for the manufacture of composite laminates and is compatible with vacuum infusion processes.

PRO-SET XR29A Resin is a thixotropic, fire retardant resin that works well for hand wet out or use in an impregnating machine.

Fire Retardant Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 XR28A-M2043 Fire Retardant Infusion Fast
 XR28A-M2044 Fire Retardant Infusion Medium
 XR28A-M2046 Fire Retardant Infusion Slow
 XR29A-M2043 Fire Retardant Laminating Fast
 XR29A-M2044 Fire Retardant Laminating Medium
 XR29A-M2046 Fire Retardant Laminating Slow


PRO-SET can formulate custom resin and hardener systems tailored to your specific processes and performance needs, working closely with you throughout the development of your custom formulation. Contact the Gougeon Technical Staff for details.